This page is a work in progress that I will continually update as I get more questions and write more articles. For now here are some answers to questions I get often.

Who are you to post this stuff on the internet about working out and life?
My name is Dan Studer and I have been a strength coach for 13 years and counting. I have an undergrad in Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Exercise Science. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength Coach Association, and I have a level 1 Certification with USA Weightlifting and CrossFit. I am currently a High School Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and small gym owner. I have successfully coordinated several college, high school, CrossFit, and personal strength and conditioning programs over the course of my career including athletes that range from 12 to over 60 years-old. In addition to being a strength coach, I'm a dad, husband, high school gym teacher, football coach, and I dabble in tee shirt design. I love my family, back squats, interval training, a small plot of land in southern Ohio called Slob Acres. Stay slobby.

Why is the website called Slob55 and what is the Torture Chamber Lifting Club?
Read our about page.

Where did the name Slob come from?
Slob was originally the oxymoronic nickname of my dad, Coach Steve Studer. Coach Stu was probably the farthest thing from a slob (in it's standard definition) that you could imagine. He weighed about 220 pounds with less than 10% body fat and was a strict disciplinarian and compulsive organizer. He embraced the name however, and it later became a general nickname for any close family member or friend. Now it is used as a pronoun for anyone in the Slob family, for example, "Slobby just cleaned 365 and it looked easy," or as a plural pronoun, "The Slobs are going to the gym at 4am". The word "slobby" can also be used as an adjective to describe someone who is doing something with maximum effort. For example, "Joe is getting slobby with those back squats! It looks like his eyeball is going to pop out of his head!" It can also be used to describe someone who constantly gives maximum effort as in, "Sal is slobby." Hence the constant reminder used by Slobs, "Stay slobby."

How do I join the TCLC?
Right now you don't. We are not accepting applications. However, this does not mean you cannot do our workouts and post your results on our training page. The best way to earn your way into the Club is to do our workouts daily, post your results daily, and earn a spot in the Club the next time we take a new member.

Does your training cost anything?
Our general programming is free and can be found here. Eventually I will offer more in-depth online coaching and personalized program design for a fee. For now, follow our daily program and get used to our lifts and training style.

Is your training for me?
Our training is for anyone that wants a difficult physical challenge to prepare themselves for life. It is also ideal for competitive CrossFitters. In order to safely complete our training, you should be proficient in the following exercises. All forms of squats, presses, deadlifts, lunges, and the Olympic lifts (cleans, snatches, and jerks). You should be able to do basic gymnastics movements like pull-ups, push-ups, hand stand push-ups, box jumps, and the likes (muscle-ups are ideal, but that can be modified). General bodyweight movements like double unders, box jumps, burpees, and wall balls are also a big part of our program. Although it is not necessary to have all of these things mastered (you can always modify lifts and exercises), if you have no idea what these things are, our program is not for you.

What if I want to do your programming but I don't know what a snatch is or I don't have a home gym to train?
If you have no idea what anything means on our training page, or you don't have a place to train, there is still hope. We suggest you find a quality local CrossFit gym and start their introductory program if you are a newbie, or get a plan that allows you to do our workouts in their gym if you are experienced. If they are worth anything, they will teach you everything you need to know or they will have some sort of open gym plan to do our programming.

What are the methods behind your programming?
Start here.