You may have some questions about this site, most newbies do, so here is a quick run down of who I am and what's going on here.

Who is this guy?!?

My name is Danny Studer and I'm a Christian, a father, a husband, a teacher, a strength coach, and an artist; in that exact order. My family likes to call each other Slobs and we love the number 55; hence the name. You can find a little more information on that here. I have an undergrad in Physical Education, and a Master's Degree in Exercise Science. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength Coaches Association and I hold Level 1 certifications with the USA Weightlifting, CrossFit and CrossFit Football. Besides my family, strength training is pretty much all I do or care about, with the exception of drawing and making cool tee shirts from time to time.

Why the website?!?

This website is about inspiring, motivating and educating people about the challenging path of becoming your best self. I believe with every inch of my soul that the best way to determine your path in life is to fully accept the pain, adversity, and challenges that inevitably bless us all. By attacking these things we first find ourselves and then define ourselves. In my opinion, there is no better way to prepare yourself for these challenges than through intense physical training. This type of training can take many forms. It could be a sport, a difficult job, enlisting in the military, or just subjecting yourself to miserable and challenging experiences like an Iron Man. All those things work well, but I'm most knowledgeable about the kind that takes place in the weight room, so that is what this website is about.


I post workouts 4-5 days a week and the programming is free for anyone to follow. Most of our workouts are for experienced athletes that are proficient with all forms of squatting, pressing, and dead lifting. We also do a ton of snatches, cleans, jerks, and basic gymnastics movements. We like to pick up heavy stuff and do stuff fast. The more painful the better. You can check out all of our workouts on the Training Page that is linked in the header. Do it at your own risk, I'm not responsible if you pass out during a snatch and push the back of your head in with a barbell. For more information check out our FAQ page or my article series on our Methodology.

Torture Chamber Lifting Club

The TCLC is the Lifting Club I inherited from my father, Coach Steve Studer. We were public for a time, that didn't work out, and now it's back to being private. We aren't accepting new members at the moment, but do not let that deter you from embracing our ideals. For more information on what we believe in, check out this article I wrote about the Torture Chamber name and what we believe in. That's the basic run down of my site. If you have any questions check out the FAQ page or feel free to drop me a line from our contact page, or hit us up on social media (links on the bottom of the page). Stay Slobby.